The 13th Brauer group conference

June, 2018, at Pingree Park Colorado

This meeting will be loosely structured around the Brauer Group and related topics. In the tradition of past Pingree Park Brauer group meetings, we are happy to welcome families, graduate students and young researchers, and hope to provide ample time to informally discuss mathematics and explore the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Details: The 13th Brauer group meeting will take place June 18-22, 2018, with participants arriving on Sunday, June 17th, at the Pingree Park Mountain Branch Campus of Colorado State University. The conference will begin on Monday, June 18th, and the talks will end on Friday, June 22nd, by noon. Participants are welcome to leave Friday June 22nd or stay one additional night and depart on Saturday, June 23rd.

Registration: If you are interested in attending and/or partipating by giving a talk, please fill out a registration form by using the link below. Some support will be available, although the exact amount is not yet determined. Funding priority will be given to graduate student participants and early career researchers.

Registration Form

Information sheet for staying at Pingree Park

Organizers: Kelly McKinnie and Danny Krashen

Facilities: The conference center meeting room will have projection equipment for laptop computers available, as well as chalkboards. Participants are welcome to use either the projectors or chalkboards for their talks.

Carpooling: To facilitate getting to the conference site, we are using "group carpool." If you would like to coordinate rides between the conference and the airport, you can access the carpool site at the link:
Brauer Group @ Pingree Carpool Site

Directions: The drive from Denver International Airport (DIA) to Pingree takes roughly 3 hours (about 1 hour to Fort Collins, then 2 more hours to Pingree). You can find maps and directions below!